"Thank you for being so good to Momma. You helped me in ways I know and don’t know. I pray that the Father will bless you always and give you favor. I’ll always tell everyone how good and kind you are." – Libby, Mountain Home

"Thank you to Joe for installing the grab bar in my shower. Now I can be safe. Thank you." — Dolores, Bull Shoals

"Thank you to the lovely lady who came and took me to the doctor yesterday. You are all so dedicated and I appreciate you so much." – Hazel, Gassville

"Thank you for the transportation you provided me for doctors’ visits while I was unable to drive due to a fractured shoulder. Each volunteer was very pleasant and gracious. What a wonderful service." – Beverly, Lakeview

"This donation is to help carry on your good work. I appreciated the folks who drove me to town for medical treatments. I hope there will be many more volunteers who’ll join them in this community effort. I thank Joe for (building) the ramp. It’s been a pleasure to get to know him better. I appreciate and also enjoy talking to my other drivers." – Louise, Mountain Home

"My appreciation is great. Thank you so much for all you done for my father. God is good and does provide – with kind people like you! Everyone (from Kindness, Inc.) has been so thoughtful and kind to my dad. What a wonderful service." – Marge, Denver, CO

"It’s great to know there is an organization such as yours for the elderly to call when they need help. You are a wonderful group of people." – Elizabeth, Mountain Home

"Thank you for the volunteer who picked me up Wednesday to take me to have my hair cut. It’s so nice to know there is a group like yours offering services to the elderly when family members or friends aren’t available, especially in times of need." – Evelyn, Mountain Home

"Words can’t begin to tell you how much your services mean to us. Thank you and all the wonderful volunteers from the bottom of our hearts." – Charles and Ginnette, Mountain Home

"I just want to thank you and tell you how much I appreciate all you have done for me. I couldn’t have made it without you. All the ladies that drive me are very nice and I think what they and Kindness, Inc. are doing is the greatest!" – Margaret, Mountain Home

"I didn’t think I would like your services, but I do. I appreciate the help of each volunteer and I enjoy being with them. Thank you." – Violet, Lakeview

"I appreciate the volunteers who help my parents. Without your help, they would have a difficult time getting to the store and to doctors’ appointments. Thank you for all your help and kindness." – Mavis, Pinole, CA

"It’s very hard for me to have to ask for help for anything, but sometimes it comes to that. All the drivers are very respectful and nice. I appreciate all of them." – Faye

"My daughter used to live near me, but now she has moved out of the Twin Lakes area. I probably will need your help for a long time. Thank you for all the kindness you have shown me." – Millie, Gassville

From Ellie (aged 83) in Gassville...
"After open-heart, triple-bypass surgery, I looked for something to fill my days and give my life meaning and purpose.  Being a volunteer enriches my life and makes my days more interesting as I meet and enjoy each new person.  I keep in touch with several of my regular riders by phone between trips.  I have never had a sad experience as a volunteer driver but rather each trip offers a new adventure.  I have always been a people person and have now found my "niche."  After trying and considering several ways to be of service to my community.  Nothing seemed quite right until I joined Kindness, Inc." 

From Elaine in Lakeview...
"It is always quite an experience for me whenever I take Anna and Tony to shop for groceries.  They are a very elderly Czech couple who have been married over 60 years.  It is a joy to see how devoted they are to one another.  While Anna shops, Tony waits on a bench just inside the entry of the supermarket because he has difficulty walking.  He also has a tendency to fall, so he cannot be left at home alone.  Other men might think this was boring.  Not Tony.  He looks forward to these trips because he enjoys talking to others who may join him on the bench and he likes people watching.

I usually push the cart for Anna while she piles in all that she needs.  When she begins going through her coupons, I usually go and sit with Tony until Anna goes through the check-out line.  Tony sings Czech songs to me -- and to anyone else who happens to be in hearing range.  The check-out ladies love being entertained.  He has a lovely tenor voice even at the age of 89.  Anna and Tony always make it a fun trip.

From Don in Mountain Home...
"My happiest experience as a volunteer driver lasted a little over 2-1/2 years.  I first met Albert in July 2001.  He was 83 years old at that time and we became good friends right away.  I picked him up once a week and we went to a restaurant for breakfast.  Afterwards, we went grocery shopping and errands running.  When we returned to his apartment we would work together on any chores that needed doing and we usually finished the visit sharing a cup of coffee.

Albert loved life and he loved people.  He had a wonderful sense of humor and a smile that was contagious.  He used to say, "If you can't go out and have a few laughts and a litte fun, you would be better off to stay home."  Albert died in March of this year, at the age of 86.  I sure miss him.  But when I think of his smile , his sense of humor and the good times we had, he  still makes me smile. 

From Clayton in Mountain Home...
"The best part of being a volunteer driver is the satisfaction one receives in helping needy people.  The reward derived from kindness is doubled.  As Shakespeare said, "It is twice blest, it blesseth him that gives and him that takes."  A volunteer's cheerful "good morning" shows love and compassion to a lonely person, and a heartfelt "thank you" from a care receiver makes the time spent worthwhile. 

From Barbara in Mountain Home...
"The best part of being a volunteer driver is the satisfaction derived from extending a helping hand to people who have no where else to turn. The next best is meeting some really nice people, mostly senior, whose circumstances require a little help that is not available to them any where else in the Twin Lakes area. They have very small incomes and could not survive without the volunteers in our group. There is no public transportation in this rural region except one very small area. Given their age and physical condition, they would be trapped in their homes. I find that my outlook on life is helped immeasurably by my contact with the people I am assigned, far out pacing any help I give.

From Winnie in Mountain Home...
"Thelma was a widow I transported to and from dialysis.  She lost her husband just the year before I met her. She was my favorite rider and she always made my day.  Thelma had an upbeat attitude and a very positive outlook on life.  Thelma knew the severity of her situation and had made definite plans for when her condition worsened.    She realized that she had to be on dialysis or die, but nothing could change her spicy attitude.

Each time I took her for her treatment she had a funny story or joke to tell me.  Needless to say, our trips were full of laughter and I always looked forwawrd to them.  We had a couple of serious talks and she shared her plan for the time her doctor talked "surgery."  Not one to mince words, she planned to tell him:  "No Way!"  Thelma is gone now and I miss her light-hearted banter.  Thelma was a joy to know and I appreciate the privilege."