There are many volunteer opportunities at Kindness, Inc. If you have a big heart and time to share, we could surely use your help, especially in these areas...
Volunteer Drivers - This is our greatest need. We need volunteers to take people to their healthcare and other appointments; to visit their spouse or other loved one who is in the hospital or who resides in a nursing home; and to shop for groceries or other necessities.
Volunteer Shoppers - People who will do the shopping or run errands for our clients.
Volunteer Break-givers - People who will stay with someone while their primary caregiver takes a break, does the shopping or keeps a medical appointment of his or her own.
Volunteer Housekeepers - People willing to assist with occasional light housekeeping chores, usually for a newly released hospital patient.
Friendly Visitors - People who can visit in our clients' homes or to take them for a drive to see spring in bloom, the fall colors or the Christmas displays, or just to get a Coke® or a burger.
Qualified Workmen - People who can install grab bars and safety rails and who can build and install wheelchair ramps. Professional building experience is not necessary; skill and your own tools are.
Outdoor Volunteers - People willing to mow lawns and do light yard work.
Office Volunteers - We need people for a variety of duties, including answering the phone; writing thank you notes; using the copy machine; maintaining the mailing list; and labeling and sorting newsletters. Computer knowledge is a plus, but not required for all jobs.
Leadership Skill Volunteers - Are you community-oriented; can you help us grow? Are you able to help plan budgets as well as plan and execute fundraisers? Are you willing to share the Kindness, Inc. story with church and civic groups, with people you know, and with strangers, too? If this sounds like you, we invite you to become a member of our Board of Directors.
Party Volunteers - Are you good at planning parties? Can you gather a few friends together and host a party for our care receivers at Christmas time, springtime or any time? Say yes and we will find the place, schedule the entertainment and bring the guests of honor. Refreshments can be your option or we will furnish them.

We value all services offered by our volunteers.  We are commited to doing our very best to make your volunteer experience productive and rewarding. Without your generosity of time, Kindness, Inc. would not exist.

How much should I volunteer? It's totally up to you. If you have a single hour or a day full of hours to give us, we will welcome your help. We assure you that whatever time and talent you share with Kindness, Inc. is deeply appreciated.  We will not ask you to do more than you offer and will not call on you for times you have not indicated. We respect your dignity and individual needs and will accept you as an equal partner in the shared responsibilities of helping our neighbors remain independent.

All of our services, and the reasons we offer them, will be fully explained during an orientation session.