About The Kindness Daily

It's in newspapers, on TV, on cable, on the Web, in your e-mail ... even on cell phones and gas pumps! If that weren't enough, there's 'news' radio, 'talk' radio, and all those 'talking head' commentators who tell us what we should be thinking about this abundance of news.

So why on Earth, you might ask, are we offering you more news?! The answer is simple. The best news of all — the 'good' news — often gets lost in this whirlwind of information. The 'Kindness Daily' aims to change that. Some say it's like a 'Reader's Digest®' version of the news. Some won't start (or finish) their day without it. Read The Kindness Daily for just a few days and you'll understand why.

A Different Kind of News.
At Kindness, Inc., we are always thinking about how we can better communicate with and serve our community, which is why we publish this unusual daily newsletter. The Kindness Daily is a different kind of news ... no politics, no agenda, and no taking sides. Instead, we strive to bring you some of the finest reporting on the Web, packaged with entertaining, uplifting and wholesome content, and presented in a quick and easy-to-browse format.

Some Many Stories. So Little Time.
Published every weekday, the Kindness Daily is a real time saver. Instead of surfing the Web, flipping channels or thumbing through newspapers, just one click at kindnessinc.com/daily will bring you direct links to all the top news sites on the Web, plus in-depth detail on the stories that matter. But not only will The Kindness Daily keep you well informed, it will also entertain you with humor, inspire you with stories about life & living, and reaffirm your faith in your fellow humankind.

Whether you have come to our website to receive some kindness or to give some, we're delighted you have discovered the Kindness Daily. We hope you will enjoy it and invite you to share its good news with your family, friends and co-workers.

The Kindness Daily is published and hosted for us by NewQuestFaith.com.