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All services are confidential. We protect your privacy as well as that of our volunteers. All Kindness, Inc. volunteers attend an

orientation instructing them of the special needs and concerns of our clients. Please schedule your requests as soon as possible but no later than the week before your need. After we process your request a volunteer will call to confirm your service date and time. If an appointment is canceled, please call us immediately so we can notify the volunteer and reschedule their time. If you have difficulty getting into high or low vehicles, discuss this with the volunteer coordinator ahead of time. Volunteers cannot assist you in dressing or lift you in any way.



Stops are limited to 3 per trip. Medical appointments have the highest priority and will be scheduled before all other needs. Please let the office staff know about all the stops you need to make.



Volunteers can do the shopping for you or run your errands. You may accompany the volunteer or remain at home. This service is

strictly limited to once every two weeks.



This service is designed to give the caregivers of a homebound loved one a break - time to tend to their own needs.



A volunteer will call to check on you at a set time each day to make sure that you are alright. Or you may call our office.




Kindness, Inc.        424 W. North St.       Mountain Home, AR 72653

Mail: P.O. Box 1057 Mountain Home, AR 72654

Phone: 870-425-6475        Email:

Facebook: Kindness, Inc


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Kindness, Inc.        424 W. North St.        P.O. Box 1057

Mountain Home, AR 72653 (72654 for P.O. Box)

Phone: 870-425-6475        Email:

Facebook: Kindness, Inc